Investing in Rwanda

Why invest in Rwanda

Rwanda is a resilient, forward looking country with a vision to elevate to a middle income, service and knowledge based economy by 2020.

Our achievements during this period include;

  • Growing the economy at an average GDP growth rate of 8% and we aim at achieving 11.5 from 2012-2017
  • There was a tremendous inclusive economic development process with $644 per capita GDP in 2012, a 3 fold Increase from 2000. Our GDP target is $1,240 by 2017.
  • Rwanda’s strong performance is largely driven by the expansion of the service sector. The sector contributes about 45% of GDP compared to 33% and 16% contributed by agriculture and industrial sectors respectively. Hence, Rwanda still has huge untapped investment potentials
  • Inflation in Rwanda has declined since 2008, due to improved domestic food production, management of fiscal and monetary policies.
  • Fitch Ratings Ltd, upgraded Rwanda’s Credit Outlook and placed it at B, citing strong economic growth over the past years and prospects for stronger growth.
  • Potential opportunities for investment abound, particularly in the following sectors: infrastructure, agriculture, energy, tourism, information and communication technology, mining, financial services, manufacturing, real estate and construction.
  • Business regulations are now easier in Rwanda than the average economy in Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa.
  • The above economic achievements as well as investment facilitation measures put in place have ranked Rwanda as the most competitive place to do business in East Africa and 3rd in Africa (WEF Global competitive Index Report 2013 – 2014). Today, registering a business/company in Rwanda takes maximum six working hours. Registration can also be done online.

Rwanda is politically stable with well-functioning institutions, rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption.

Between 2008 and 2012 export growth averaged 26% compared with growth in imports of 18%. The latest trade data indicates that in 2012 merchandise exports grew by 28.13%, over 2011, compared to 11.40% growth in merchandise imports.

To achieve Rwanda’s economic growth, trade is a fundamental function. The Government of Rwanda is making every effort to meet sustainable high export growth over import growth and achieve Vision 2020’s ambitious target of 28% export growth per year.

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has established One Stop Centre combining all investment –related services aimed at facilitating investors starting their business in a timely manner. For more information click on the following useful link: