President Paul Kagame Advises Sponsors on Fragility – CHOGM 2108

April 23, 2018

Kagame was speaking Wednesday while participating in a High-level roundtable discussion on the ‘State Fragility, Growth and Development’ in London, United Kingdom ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

The discussion focused on encouraging and promoting inclusive economic growth in fragile and conflict situations as a key priority for global security and international development.

“The difference between resilience and fragility is the quality of politics. Are we mindful of the need for accountability and to benefit all citizens without exclusion?,” he questioned.

He challenged sponsors whether they keep putting money into a country without knowing how it is being put to use.

Using an example of Rwanda, Kagame said that the government put a framework in place where both sides could measure the results.

“We involved our citizens as we went along. The story of Rwanda proves that fragility need not be a permanent state. It can be resolved,” he said.

Kagame observed that fragility can affect all countries regardless of level of their economies.

“Fragility, as we have discovered, can affect both small and big states, poor countries as well as rich ones, including multiparty systems. This affects growth and human development,” he added.

The High-level roundtable brought together Heads of Government and senior business leaders from across the Commonwealth and is chaired by Former United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, the Chair of the Commission of State Fragility, Growth and Development.